Saturday, October 9, 2010

hello again

Hello everyone - I know its been a while. Somehow, life has taken precedence - three migraine hospitalizations since December, applying for and just finding out I was actually approved for disability to my shock and surprise - (don't worry it's the good kind of shock and surprise), a movie right on the horizon (I'm a screenwriter as well as a cellist) and several others I am writing with my screenwriting partner (our new managers are cracking the proverbial whip), my partner losing his job - so add in our struggle to hold onto the house after October (hoping the movie will come in or at least some of the disability money) and a myriad of health problems aside from the migraines (recurring pneumonia) but I'm still teaching which I love (even though only just two days is all I can handle) and writing and spending time with my two big loveable dogs and the supportive love of my partner who has put up with so much -- writing this blog just hasn't been on top of the list. I promise to be better about getting to this, in the meantime remember to pledge to your local NPR station - no one else gives you more health news - anyway hello again to everyone. Here in Goodyear which is a suburb of Phoenix Arizona (actually named for the tires because they used to grow the cotton here that they used to line the tires with) it's finally gotten into the 90's instead of the 100's so we are officially in Fall. I'll keep you up to date (I've got a right achilles tendon that has to have an MRI monday because something is majorly wrong with it) and keep you up to date on the ins and outs of writing and playing the cello and beginning this disability - which I need since I can't maintain a living teaching two days a week. So.... more later - really
Take care all from Ian in Blunderland a place where I try to just get by but life gets in the way!

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