Monday, December 8, 2008

floating in blunderland

Hello everyone from Migraineville Az:
Today we are floating in blunderland. Wonder of wonders my insurance finally figured out the wisdom of taking Lyrica and today we doubled my dosage. They okayed it for five months - after five months if it works in blunderland then it will be back to the fight - but at the moment I can't think about that. By the way - I'm not sure of the process on this site - whether this becomes a blog. In any rate I'm having trouble from keeping the room from spinning and like in South Park - my head floating away. Pretty strong stuff - I hadn't really felt the floating affect till we doubled the dose. So we're at 300. Respectable dosage. Yesterday, before I did this I had a concert with my pianist ( ) at a town about two and a half hours away. I had been dealing with a tough migraine since Saturday. Can't take any pain meds while I am performing or playing a concert so I just have to deal with it - raw and unmedicated. I have to push it into a corner of my wonky brain and give the audience the best concert I can play and be personable as well. I don't know how many of you get a migraine and just don't stop and keep going because literally the show must go on. It is an exercise in extreme will power. When it is all over and the standing ovation we got yesterday (!) was through - in the car on the way back - I felt like I had climbed ten mountains - it was exhausting - I'm really glad I didn't drive. Fortunately I don't have to drive or do anything today. The migraine is lurking in the background - in other words status migrainous - a bad sign - I hope the Lyrica even as new to my system as it is, responds by burying this migraine. Status has a bad reputation with me - sending me to the hospital. That's the ultimate thing I want to avoid - so Lyrica - work some magic! And in the midst of all this - I am a screenwriter as well as a cellist and my writing partner and I are desperately trying to get our producers talking to each other. Oh - gotta get gifts for my GP's office. They are great - got a tip that pottery barn is doing five dollar ornaments. The type is doubling in front of me for now - so that's all.
Peace in this season -
best - Ian in blunderland -

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deborah said...

Hey, Ian - OOh PB, lucky them. You are too nice. I was just there Saturday and do they ever have some nice stuff.

By the way, the white on black is not only mind-bending for you, it could be a migraine thing! change your font color to a more creeamy color than white so it's not so bold, that may help.